My Life in the Theater: Before the Audition

So, in about 15 minutes, I have to start getting ready to go to my first audition since I moved to Las Vegas over 2 months ago. When I lived outside of Philly, I was very active in community theater, and made a lot of friends through it. (I also got a lot of my other friends involved in it.) But since moving, I haven’t really had a chance to find somewhere to get involved.

A long time back, I had done some research into community theaters in Vegas, and ran across the Las Vegas Little Theater. Looking at their seasons in the past, they have done a lot of shows I was interested in. And this season is no exception. In fact, they are doing a show I have tried to get a couple of theaters in PA to do, and was unsuccessful: Jeffrey by Paul Rudnick. The story is a comedy about a man who decides to stop having sex because of AIDS, then finds someone who could be the love of his life – except he is HIV positive. Managing to be hysterically funny, but still deal with AIDS as a serious subject, I have been in love with this script since I first read it. So seeing the audition notice on LVLT’s website, I decided to go try out.

There are 3-4 parts I think I would be right for, including the lead. But I’m not greedy, I’ll take anything. But I haven’t gone to any kind of audition in over 2 years, and the ones before that for a long time were in front of people I knew well. This time will be in front of total strangers, without even anyone else I know auditioning. So yeah, I’m a little nervous. Okay, A LOT nervous. I’m really not expecting to get a part, but it would be nice.

And I’m figuring that if I do get a part, or even if I get another part somewhere else, I’m going to want to blog about my experiences with the show. So I may as well start here. Wish me luck!

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