Untitled Opening Post

So here I am. I’ve been meaning to start an actual blog for years now, and to start this specific one for several months, and somehow, I just never got around to it. But like one of my favorite on-line persons, who also started his blog recently, I’m feeling a need to vent.

Not quite going to do it in this post, however. The specific event that I feel need to vent about is long, complicated, possibly a bit polarizing, and probably not a good first introduction. It’ll come in the next few days though, I promise. And I do have another post almost ready to go from previous attempts at getting this blog going, and that may go up first.

In the meantime, this will be something I doubt you will see much of on this blog: a fairly short post. I tend to be a little verbose on occasion (working on that, and better at it in text than IRL). But in the future, there will be posts on books, politics, theater, religion (or lack thereof), movies, television, thoughts on moving to a new city (something I just did recently), thoughts on job hunting (something I am about to start doing), or various other topics that come to mind that I feel like discussing (or just venting about). I don’t really intend to keep this blog too focused, as I am not too focused myself, nor am I an expert on anything or specialize in anything.

So this is me. Or will be me. A part of me, anyway. And I hope to learn as much as I put out. I make no claims to be perfect, and find logic and valid disagreement to be a good thing. But as Rachel Maddow often says, “You can’t make stuff up, and you can’t threaten to shoot anyone.” Other than that, let’s talk.